Dance with your baby!

What could be more special than discovering a love of dance with your little one?
Come and join this dance class designed for parents to have some fun and introduce their kids to dance.
Baby Wearing: Parents and carers of 12 week+ (once baby is strong enough to hold their head up) who have been cleared to exercise post childbirth, this class is a wonderful chance for you to bond with your baby while enjoying the experience of reconnecting with your body through exercise.
Parent-n-Bub: Parents and carers of kids upto 4 years old, this class gives you a perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to dance.
Key benefits of this class:

  • Connects parents and carers with babies through dancing, one of the oldest non-verbal communication style in the world
  • Promotes bonding between family members and develop a joyful relationship
  • Introduces parents to the baby-wearing lifestyle
  • Socialise adults with babies in their community and create new opportunities for connections

The primary aim of this class is to make parents and babies feel welcome and safe in a friendly environment and have lots of fun together. Classes will be 45 minutes long. These are casual drop-in classes but we advise to get in touch in advance to reserve your space.
**  You can baby wear using a structured carrier using the TICKS guidelines (see below image) for safe baby wearing. Please be mindful that soft structured carriers and Baby Bjorns are not suitable for this class.
Contact Aakash @0410 400 597 to join this class