Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who can come to these classes?
A All ages all fitness levels provided you don’t have a significant health problem. If in doubt consult your health practitioner and talk to the teacher. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own health there is no compulsion to do any of the moves and we emphasise that if it hurts, you are doing something wrong and should stop immediately!

Q Am I too Old…!?
A Never!! Age is a state of mind – if you can cope with the steps ‘Go For It’!!

Q Can I bring my 6 year old?
A If s/he can catch and throw a ball competently – yes! If you or an older sibling look after the child in class we have no objection. However please do not force the child – the emphasis should be on fun!

Q Can guys attend?
A Yes!! Bollywood is a fast, energetic style that can be really macho. The steps are essentially the same – but done in a masculine style. If you are self-conscious about being in a class with lots of girls, stay in the back – otherwise…ENJOY!!

Q It looks really complicated?
A Indian dance differs from other genres in that it uses every part of the body – often doing different things! You will feel un-coordinated for a few classes – but then it begins to make sense! We have never met anyone who couldn’t do it!